new york city’s curvy girl next door

It’s a moonlit night and you’re walking through the streets of the greatest city in the world. There’s a tall, beautiful woman with a dazzling smile on your arm. You’re talking about everything and nothing, but just the feeling of her hand in yours and the sound of her warm laughter sets your body on fire.

The lights come up and you leave the theater arm in arm. “What was your favorite part,” she asks, and suddenly you realize that you can’t remember a single song or dance move, not even the name of the main character. How could you focus on details like that when for the last two hours you’ve been feeling the electricity between your body and hers in the seat next to you?

The bar is loud. Men in suits and women in dresses that cover only the essentials are pressed against each other, shouting to be heard over the din. There’s chaos around you, but all you can see are the blue eyes staring back at you across your table in the back corner of the bar. The feeling of her leg lightly brushing yours under the table gives you goosebumps. When she gives you a little smile and a nod towards the door, you can’t help but follow her out into the night.

Any of these stories could be ours — or we can make our own. Tell me your fantasies and I’ll tell you mine. We can make a whole world of our own together.